Monday, January 19, 2009

I'll HUFF and I'll PUFF...

...Can't blow this house down!
At the SALON  discussing and looking at Art is always  affordable, actually it's FREE, therefore, the one thing I am not "worried" about "because worry is not preparation" for anything, just a drain of positive energy,  is the doom and gloom reality of the art market relating to our economic circumstances. 
Truly, many a writers' column was negative, however, those by art critic, Jerry Saltz regarding the '08 ART FAIRS were not as thorough.  
The re-created SALON  exists independently of the external world  and lives only through the energy of an artistic internal reality...again
Counting down to Sunday, January 25 at 2PM


ArtChick1 said...

THis is a wonderful upcoming blog and live SALON as well.

Private said...

I like your blog!