Wednesday, January 7, 2009


NO doubt, Alice Lipping, abstract colorist extraordinaire would be interviewed ... NY Magazine no less, and here is only one of the reasons why...her paintings glisten on the walls of the Private Dinning Room in one of the best restaurants in NYC as featured recently in The New York Times
ALICE LIPPING has been a friend of the "SALON" since it's inception, supporting the concept and helping me gather in the community of artists, writers, critics, and other art enthusiasts in a unique environment that has successfully re-recreated an important part of what has been missing from the art community for quite some time...a certain AMBIANCE and CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE for sincere and direct commentary regarding our feeling and aspirations for our own works, but mostly sharing  our favorite exhibitions, museum shows, art events, philanthropic endeavors we've instigated and pursued on behalf of others...
and mostly channeling GERTRUDE STEIN through the personae of the founder of LE PETIT SALON, Private Art Advisor/Consultant  HELENE FORBES
And, WOW, do I get headaches !

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