Monday, March 2, 2009


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ANYTHING FOR ART...although the weather report was ominous and we were expecting 10" of snow, the SALON  prevailed as we were proven to be indeed ART WARRIORS...check out the Slide Show Photos for Sunday, March 1, 2009 (scroll down)
Discussions regarding Jeff Koons, why do we always have to get on to him and Damien...I suppose because we are such least some of us are.  
With the contribution of our SPECIAL GUESTS... Manish Vora, co-founder of
International Photographer, Asca S,R, Aull
Links to the artists that we discussed :
Artwork shown by one of our members Abby Levine
Even though the weather and bad colds scared off our core member group of Julie, Kirby, JB, Steve, and Leanne...  there was much more wine and snacks to share...which is always a good thing! 

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